Tradinglawyers consultants can also train staff of both energy companies and banks about trading agreements. Our trainer Ernst van den Broek has a large expertise in giving training about trading documentation such as ISDA, CSA, GMRA, GMSLA through Derivatives Documentation Limited.


There is a substantial amount of work that can be done from our offices and within easy reach of London, Frankfurt, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. Nowadays there is a lot of pressure on in-house teams to manage increasing workloads because of the day to day negotiations together with project type of work relating to clearing, novations and setting up collateral departments.

  • is a group of highly experienced international free-lance lawyers, each with a minimum of 15 years experience in energy and financial trading.
  • These transaction driven counsels have mainly worked in-house with financial institutions and trading organisations.
  • The legal counsels are highly experienced and skilled in drafting and negotiating a vast array of market conform trading agreements (such as ISDA/CSA, EFET, IETA, ScoTa, GMSLA, GMRA agreements) but are also experienced in drafting bespoke documentation (such as clearing agreements, sourcing agreements, tolling agreements, gas storage agreements and structured products documentation), governed by English law or other widely recognised jurisdictions
  • The counsels are skilled in integrating these documents into the policy of an energy trading firm, bank, insurance company, pension fund or other business organisation.
  • They communicate easily with risk, front office, compliance and back-office staff in order to accommodate these objectives.
  • All group members are transaction lawyers who know how to act and deliver under time pressure and cooperate with your staff to get the deal done (without having to compromise on the legal necessities in the documentation).
  • At your option, Tradinglawyers can provide in-house solutions by sitting alongside the business providing the required support to get the deal done, or provide out-house support from whatever location and in whatever manner.
  • Tradinglawyers can also advise on an “on demand” basis in case your organisation has not enough work for a full time in-house counsel.
  • As Tradinglawyers, we are flexible in location and manner of support, we don’t incur unnecessary overheads and thereby can offer our services at competitive pricing levels whilst ensuring top quality legal services.
  • Tradinglawyers based from their offices in North West Europe are able to offer a global span of services, covering all financial and trading centers and clients from all regions.
  • Experienced in the structuring, negotiating and executing of transactions (financial and physical) under trading agreements, Tradinglawyers provide support for specific projects in the trading business and can provide (in-house) training to employees wanting to enhance their (legal) knowledge of the trading business.
  • Having worked in the trading business for a number of years, Tradinglawyers can source knowledge from a choice of experienced risk managers, compliance officers and back office experts, whose expertise can be taken on board if needed.
  • Challenges in trading that can be overcome with the help of are
    • Unconfirmed transactions;
    • Clearing issues;
    • Documentation issues;
    • Netting benefits;
    • Asymmetrical trading documentation;
    • Termination possibilities.